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Jones Stock Adjuster Photos

Jones Stock Adjuster Photos photos

Allows for a fully customizable gun to shoulder fit with maximum comfort. Perfect for shooters using soft cases, or in applications where field adjustments are not needed. We recommend that you install this adjuster with one of our kick-eez pads. Mounting hardware is included.

Instructions Speifications   $73.45
Browning BT99 Plus Adjuster Photos
Browning BT99 Plus Adjuster Photos

This adjuster is machined to fit the last aluminum plate on the BT-99 Plus and the Citori Plus Recoil Mechanism. The adjuster fits between the plate and the recoil pad, which gives you the adjustability to make your gun fit you. This means the gun will come to you rather than you coming to the gun. It will allow the pad: to drop up to 1-1/8", and pivot out to 32 degrees and anywhere in between. Additionally the pad can be offset up to 1/4" to the right or left of center.

  • Browning BT-99 or Citori Plus Mechanism: Not included.

Instructions     $75.45
Jones Thru-The-Pad Adjuster Photos
Jones Thru-The-Pad Adjuster Photos

The Thru-The-Pad Adjuster is designed for guns with tight form fitted cases. The problem presents itself when the pad is in the shooting position because it will not fit into the case. It is also an excellent product for, and is used by trap, skeet, sporting clay, hunting, and long range target shooters.

This adjuster came into being after 12 years of research and 20 unsuccessful prototypes. Finally, we came up with a product that was reliable enough to take repeated adjustments from the gun case to shooting and back, and still not let you down in in the middle of an event.

Instructions Specifications   $87.45
E-Z To Install Adjuster Photos
E-Z To Install Adjuster Photos

This adjuster came from our custom shop. It is The same Jones Stock Adjuster that has been around for over twenty years. However, we have re-profiled this adjuster for fast and easy installation. You need only grind approximately 1/16" from the pad plate. This job can be performed in 10 to 15 minutes with a belt sander. The pad plate is sized to fit the KICK-EEZ medium size pads. If you do not have a belt sander, you probably have a friend who does. Go impose upon him.

E-Z To Install Adjuster Photos
ez-install total hardware
E-Z To Install Adjuster Photos
ez install plate
front plate
E-Z To Install Adjuster Photos
ez install side view
side view
E-Z To Install Adjuster Photos
ez install mounted
side view mounted
Custom Shop Installation

These adjusters are customized to fit the needs of the installation by our pad adjuster experts. If you need a professional install of one of our products, or a customized product for yourself, please contact our custom shop on our contact page.

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