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Steve Jones is an avid gun enthusiast and gun smith with many years of shooting experience, and is recognized in sport shooting the world over. Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, he started shooting at the age of five. His passion soon became shooting in every form: entering junior matches at the age of twelve. He is an expert marksman, hunter, and competetive trap and bench rest shooter.

In 1989, Steve started Recoil-less Engineering when he found that properly adjustable recoil pads did not exist. Soon, his adjusters were in demand, and he began selling them at competitions and shows. In 1995 he stopped trap shooting to concentrate on new innovations in his pad adjusters and bench rest shooting. In 1996, Recoil-less put eight guns on two teams in trap and skeet at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA. Since then, Steve has been constantly improving his designs to perfect the Jones Stock Adjuster, and roll out improved models. He can often be found on one of the many gun ranges in Northern California, or on the shop floor working on new and innovative designs or perfecting loads for one his guns.

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